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Criou specialises in the development of emission reduction projects across East Africa.

We work with different businesses, organisations and communities from the middle of the city to the most rural location.

We develop projects with our partners that reduce carbon emissions by utilising sustainable technologies and turn climate action into long-term business opportunities.

business solutions

Current Projects

business solutions

Biochar Production for Permanent Carbon Sink

Criou are working with local communities, technology specialists and engineered carbon removal experts to develop a biochar production facility in Kenya.

Ziada Solutions

The project is fully circular and significantly adds value to small holder farmers. We use organic waste as a valuable resource to produce two products, natural fibre and alternative flours. The facility is located on a banana farm in Taveta, Kenya. As a biproduct of farming, there is significant waste in the area in the form of banana stems. These stems are often left on the soil to rot and produce green house gases. Our process feeds the stems into a decorticator, extracting the fleshy part of the stem and leaving just the fibre. The fibre is dried and sold. 

The fleshy waste from this process is then fed into an Anaerobic Digestion system which converts the waste into biogas. That biogas is then used as a heat source to dry bananas and other fruits and vegetable roots that are available in the local area, which are then milled and turned into flour. The flour is then sold.
The biogas system produces a bi product which is a digestate fertiliser. The organic fertiliser improves the quality of the soil, therefore enhancing plant growth.


Carbon Offset Project Development

As experienced project developers, working with a wide range of project types, we offer businesses and investors an impactful way to deploy their capital. Operational excellence is a cornerstone of our business and we achieve this by adopting highly focused project management techniques.

Carbon Offset Advisory

We help our clients with strategic advisory on Emission Reduction Projects. This can be done through complying with carbon removal methodologies, developing technical documents, financial modelling and carrying out feasibility studies.

Renewable Energy

We also work with a variety of sustainable technology providers to deploy their solutions on projects that have long lasting climate impacts. Our projects look to add value to existing operations in locations of Sub Saharan Africa where energy access is a challenge.


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